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Polybutylene Remediation & Replacement by Experts In Monroe Township, NJ

Underground Only, Inc. in Monroe Township, New Jersey, has many years of experience providing polybutylene remediation and replacement services. We have the expertise to perform the most state-of-the-art, least intrusive replacement procedures for private homeowners and condominium associations.

Identification of Polybutylene

The most effective way of identifying polybutylene pipes in your home is to have your plumbing inspected by Underground Only, Inc.'s licensed professionals. Although we can determine the presence of polybutylene, it is impossible to evaluate its integrity because most failures occur from the inside of the pipe out.
Most home inspectors cannot give a reliable assessment on the condition of polybutylene piping unless there is a visible problem with the exterior of the pipe or its installation. The only way to eliminate the possibility of damage that could occur from its failure is to replace the pipe itself. The unpredictable nature of polybutylene leaks and the possibility of severe water damage would certainly suggest that mere repair would not be a viable recommendation.
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There Is a Difference in Polybutylene Replacement

The extensive use in construction during the late '70s into the mid '90s of polybutylene as the miracle replacement for copper has now become a present day nightmare. As polybutylene pipe ages and reacts with water-soluble oxidants, it begins to degrade and leak causing severe damage in homes. With polybutylene, it is not a question of if you will have a failure, but a question of when.
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A Note to Property Managers

For more than 25 years the owners of Underground Only, Inc. has worked closely with property managers. They understand the importance of mutual cooperation during a pipe replacement project.

Our Promise to You

  • Maintain a Clean, Professional Worksite
  • Educate Board Members on the Important Financial Commitment They Are Undertaking on Behalf of the Homeowners
  • Submit All Necessary Permits & Documentation
  • Provide Clear, Concise Proposals
  • Develop a Working Relationship with the Homeowner to Ensure Them of Our Concern for Their Needs

Why You Should Choose Us

What differentiates Underground Only, Inc. from the competition is our ability to install new lines when soil conditions or building construction does not allow the traditional pulling of new copper lines. Throughout our history, we've learned the challenges of poly replacement and have strived to improve on the technological advancements within our industry. We are proud to be one of the few operations to own the sophisticated equipment needed to create, or shoot, a new path underground to install replacement copper. This technology has been hailed as the premier option for successful polybutylene replacement.
Our reputable staff understands the concerns of homeowners and property managers when confronted with the uncertainties of a poly replacement project. Underground Only, Inc. guarantees a clean, complete pipe replacement including scheduling, permits, excavating, plumbing, interior repairs and landscaping. Our attention to detail and customer service is the competitive edge that has earned us the reputation we now enjoy.
Please give us a call today for an evaluation. Remember there is a difference in polybutylene replacement!