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Testimonials From Monroe Township, NJ

After an exhaustive search and many board meetings our community decided that Underground Only, Inc. was the best choice for our polybutylene replacement project. I'm pleased to say their staff has exceeded our expectations in this endeavor of over 340 Units.

Kate B.
Wentworth Group
Society Hill
The expense of polybutylene repairs at our complex had begun to put a strain on the association's resources. Thru open dialogue with our homeowners the pros at Underground Only, Inc. set up a replacement schedule that proved to be more cost effective than our past fix them as they break philosophy.

East 11

A unique situation within one of our sites created an exceptional challenge when water leaks began to occur on a regular basis for no apparent reason. As we searched for bids we soon realized that most companies were not equipped to handle our unusual courtyard layout and extreme shale soil conditions. Thanks to Underground Only, Inc. we are on the road to pipe replacement.


Perhaps we were one of the first associations to undertake a complete pipe replacement project. As homeowners began to see their property values fall due to poly, it was an easy decision to choose Underground Only, Inc. who we had always relied on in the past

The Club

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